Tirana, a city with never-ending movement and energy

Pack wisely before traveling

Tirana, the heart and capital of Albania, like all other European metropolises has never-ending movement and energy. With its clubs, bars, cafes, and taverns, Tirana is worth discovering by both day and night. The hospitality shown towards tourists is something that will mark your journey not only in Tirana but also all over the country. 

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Paste Magazine: 4 Reasons to Visit Albania

Whether the idea of visiting Croatia began with a love of Game of Thrones or by stumbling across photo after photo of the breathtaking, island-studded Adriatic coast, the Balkans have become a regularly featured region to counter traditional European destinations. Croatia’s surrounding neighbors and their cities like Kotor Bay in Montenegro and Mostar in Bosnia have also garnered the attention of travelers. While the entire region is beautiful and culturally rich, it’s about time for Albania’s turn in the spotlight. Apart from their historical influence on Albania, there are plenty of reasons this country’s coast has become a vacation spot for Italians, but we’ll start with these four: 
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