Day Trip to Shala River and Koman Lake Boat Tour

Lake Koman is a reservoir on the Drin River in northern Albania. Lake Koman is surrounded by dense forested hills, vertical slopes, deep gorges, and a narrow valley, completely taken up by the river. Besides the Drin, it is fed by the Shala and Valbona Rivers.

The boat trip we will take today is one of most beautiful, picture perfect, breathtaking excursions you have ever done in your entire life.

Also known as the ‘Albanian Fjords’ the Koman lake and Shala river trip is perfect for nature lovers.

Trips available: May – September

Trip Start: Meets at Opera House, Skanderbej square, Tirana at 7.00 am

Trip End: Return to the same meeting point late afternoon, early evening

Day Trip to Kruje and Shkoder tour from Tirana

Discover Shkoder which is known as the capital of North Albania. Shkodër is a city that truly has it all: a rich cultural life, art and history, beautiful nature, bazaars, and much more.

Kruja centre of Albanian resistance against the Ottomans under our National Hero, Scanderbeg. He kept the Ottoman armies from crossing into Western Europe for 25 years, thus earning the title “Athleta Christi” awarded by the Pope of the time.

OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS: Amazing Lunch at Mrizi i Zanave Agritourism with organic traditional food